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The studio is looking very clean!

Our first day of Cathi Jefferson’s Salt/Soda From Conception to Finish began on August 5, 2010, at the Medalta in the Historic Clay District.

My pictures are a little late as I just arrived back home to post. The workshop lasted for 10 days of uninterrupted pottery throwing and firing. If you ever get a chance to go to Medalta it is a great experience way worth it!
The following are some pictures from the workshop.

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Time goes by quickly and it is already July!

Just starting to think about the workshop I am going to take in August at Medalta Potteries,  in Medicine Hat, Alberta. I am both excited and nervous about the whole adventure and it wll be here in no time.
The workshop is a salt fire workshop with Cathi Jefferson and Aaron Nelson. It should be a great learning experience! I think not only will it be a good experience from a pottery point of veiw but also a historical one.

In the studio just throwing some forms I think would look good salt fired but not thinking about it too much.

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I hope  to get to my blog on a regular basis but it may take some time for the passion to grab me. Once I get use to how this works it would be nice to post some information to share that would be useful and interesting to other potters out there.

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