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" Edge of Here" by Sheila Jahraus 2011 BC in a Box 3, BCPG

BC in a Box 3: The Edge of Here event schedule and catalogue.


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Wouldn’t you know it the clay has changed. Sometimes that happens. It’s a little frustrating but I always wanted to try porcelain and we just happen to have a new kind of porcelain around the studio so I decided to try it out. The porcelain is very translucent and it doesn’t seem right to cover it up with a glaze. The other quality of the clay is  fun to handle and can be worked with and refine as it progresses through it’s drying stages. That is until it suddenly reaches a stage where it becomes fragile as an  egg-shell and any moisture or pressure will produce cracking. Even after the bisque firing you may see cracks suddenly pop out of nowhere.

Through the last six months this experiment has been going along with success and failure. Like I was saying, I don’t really want to cover it with a glaze so have just been using clear glazes with some indigo glaze we have in small quality at the studio. The other thing that I have around is some rubber stamps. What is coming together is stamping on porcelain with indigo glaze highlights. Instead of stamping directly on the surface I decide to roll out very thin tiny slabs and stamp on them, dunk them in water and place on thrown espresso style cups.

For the saucer for the cups I decide to make a water drop type shape with stamping a reflection or mirror image on the saucer.

The Edge of Here

Water's Reflections

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