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Silver Clay

Working along with silver clay projects, finding out about this new medium and loving it! My latest has been to put many small pieces together to create one piece. I also had  number of cz gems around so I decided to also use those as part of the project. Slowly I go but, as my garden probably is a big influence and inspiration these days the piece reflects that influence. The understated and the simplicity. Well it may be that but it takes a lot of focus and work to create. So, this piece is silver clay layered and cz gems, formed into stone like shapes of leaves flowers and seeds. The representation of the changing seasons. 16427512_10154753553981013_1768592620418188121_n.jpg

Silver Clay

Now I am really into silver clay! It’s been almost a year and I think I am hooked. My years of experience in pottery and clay have really helped me to move along quickly. I wasn’t sure I could really stay interested, but I find in another material my ideas flow. It’s a bit difficult getting use to working so small and takes a lot of patience. I am quite happy though! It was not easy giving up pottery, but health wise, it was just getting too difficult. Happy to find a new expression in Silver Clay.

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Time will tell

The whole summer has passed and although I haven’t posted anything, I have gone through a lot of changes as far as my artistic expression and life. Emergence may have been a good last post.That is kind of what has been happening this summer. This process, a lesson that there is always a way to express yourself.Just let go and see where things take you.Well, what I am finding is I am enjoying doing the smallest things. Someone told me that at one time I was very much into small pieces. What I ended up with,and has been keeping me busy this summer has come as a surprise to me, but thinking about it… it kind of makes sense. For sometime now I have been contemplating the simple; the simple process, the simple tools, the simple idea. beach999

silver clay,copper and porcelain

silver clay,copper and porcela

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Worshop Silver Clay

Silver clay is something everyone should try at least once.There is plenty of information online and on You Tube of how to fire and finish.if you have a teacher in your area that is the best because you will learn a lot of techniques and tricks. The advancements in materials related to this media are always changing, making it interesting to try out once in awhile.I find working with something out of my usual experience, gives me an insight into my work, and advances the details of what may be my usual expression.siilver clay14

Silver and PMC used in different ways

Silver and PMC used in different ways

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Written in red

Written in red

A growing idea

Everyone needs another plate

Bird Plate, keeping it simple.It is sometimes my tool for developing a new idea. Your mind wants to fill in some blanks.For example, With this simple design many variations are beginning to reveal themselves to me. This is sometimes how I come up with a new variation on an idea. First take a simple form and apply a basic technique, in this case erosion, cover with a basic glaze. It is nice on it’s own, but it’s also a blank canvas and there are many possibilities.